Volvo Simulator News presented at Intermat 2018

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Last week, Volvo Construction Equipment presented the new generation software for their Volvo Excavator, Volvo Wheel loader and Volvo Articulated Hauler Simulators. During the six-day expo, almost 1.400 visitors tried operating the simulated Volvo machines. The main new feature in the Volvo simulators is a new Learning Management System called OPS (Operator Performance System) where each exercise has built in operator development material and is bundled with relevant video material. This is done to make it easy to understand how to operate a machine by watching the Volvo operator development material and then directly try it out in a custom-made exercise. Instant feedback and physically performing the task is the way to lasting performance!

When practicing, the operator will also be able to compare their result with other operators. Being able to compare your performance with others will trigger operators to find out how others are able to reach higher scores.

At Oryx, we are proud to once again have moved the bar of realistic heavy machine simulation. With Volvo, we have been first with most innovations for simulators. The Volvo simulators have been part of the major Volvo trade shows since 2007 and will likely be there for the next ones. See you at Bauma 2019! And keep updated to the news regarding Volvo Simulators at

Komatsu Forest AB acquires Oryx Simulations AB


The 10th April 2018 Komatsu Forest AB acquired Oryx Simulations AB.

Komatsu Forest and Oryx Simulations have a long relationship together. Over the years, Komatsu Forest has been both partner and customer to the company.   

In connection with the acquisition the founder and co-owner Derny Häggström will leave the company, but he will continue to support the company primarily in marketing and sales. In addition the acquisition will not result in changes of Oryx Simulations activity. The company will continue as today; as an independent company with our own staff and our own activities.

The acquisition will not affect our business relationship other than in a positive direction. It is something that both parties have taken great care to formalize.

For Oryx Simulations this means that we, with a strong owner, can further focus on our growth and development so that we can continue to offer simulator solutions at the forefront of leading machine manufacturers.

Rami Morssy

CEO Oryx Simulations AB

Success at Elmia Wood 2017

Oryx Simulations was present last week at the international forestry trade fair Elmia Wood in 7 different booths and, according to the large number of visitors who tested our Simulators, Oryx have the best simulation in terms of realistic machine behaviour.

At Elmia Wood our business partners presented different solutions, from desktop units, to simulators for operator training and solutions with control system integration for prototyping purposes.

Moreover we launched for the first time at the show a Virtual Reality option that provides added value to the Simulators.      

We are very proud and pleased for the feedback received and we would like to thank our business partners Komatsu Forest, LogMax, Vimek, Volvo CE, HIAB, Simgården and Skogforsk for their collaboration and trust in our technology.    

Oryx Simulations is one of the leader company in the world for real time simulation and today we have more than 600 systems in operation around the world.

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Visit Forestry Delegation from Russia

We had the pleasure last week to host a forestry delegation from Russia. 23 people from different Russian Vocational Colleges and Universities visited Oryx Simulations in order to study and testdrive the latest Komatsu Forest Simulators.

The travel organized by Komatsu CIS LLC did have as main goal to get more knowledge about the implementation of driving simulators for educational and training purposes.

For more information about the latest generation of Komatsu Forest Simulators:


Komatsu Forest Simulators for new generation forestry operators in Japan

From the left: Norio Shirai (Komatsu Ltd.), Tadashi Horiwaki (Light & Co. Ltd.), Yoshihisa Kono (Light & Co. Ltd.), Andreas Grahn (Oryx Simulations AB), Rami Morssy (Oryx Simulations AB), Francesco Pietroni (Oryx Simulations AB)

From the left: Norio Shirai (Komatsu Ltd.), Tadashi Horiwaki (Light & Co. Ltd.), Yoshihisa Kono (Light & Co. Ltd.), Andreas Grahn (Oryx Simulations AB), Rami Morssy (Oryx Simulations AB), Francesco Pietroni (Oryx Simulations AB)

We had the pleasure to have Mr. Horiwaki, Mr. Kono from Light & Co Ltd. and Mr. Shirai from Komatsu Ltd. as guests at our office in Umeå.

Light & Co. Ltd is appointed Import Agent for Komatsu Forest Simulators in Japan by Komatsu Ltd.

Forestry industry is facing major changes and challenges in Japan due generation shift and mechanization improvements.

Japanese government is investing heavily in establishing new Vocational Schools in order to educate new generation of Forestry workforce.

Komatsu Forest Simulators represent a proven and powerful tool for Operator Training and many Institutes in Japan are interested in our technology and Light & Co. does have already delivered one portable unit – Komatsu Forest 40 – to Ehime Prefecture.

For more information about Komatsu Forest Simulators, you can contact Francesco Pietroni,

New Software for Volvo CE's simulators


Volvo Construction Equipment together with Oryx Simulations have presented a  brand new simulation software where the Volvo real time simulators interact. The goal is to be able to set up complete worksites and get live productivity data based on machine and operator performance. 


If you plan to visit ConExpo in Las Vegas, March 7-11, 2017, we will be there. 

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Donation to Umeå Institute of Design

Umeå Insitute of Design is a world-leading school educating talented designers and preparing them for their future careers in industrial design.

Oryx has donated VR equipment to the school and helping them with harnessing and using the new technology in their education. Umeå is a region of many innovative and inspiring schools and businesses and to further strengthen the regions position internationally we need to help each other out as much as we can.

On this side the plan is to connect the graphics card to a virtual reality headset we have recently acquired. Such equipment will be fully available to the students and we imagine to see all kinds of use, from the basic evaluation of human factors (ergonomics), form and aesthetics when working with 3D digital models to a more experimental approach combining fully immersive environments. With a VR setup we believe students will get new possibilities to make informed decisions during the creative process. They can effectively simulate the context of use of their design solutions and that is a significant advantage in the process. VR technology is developing fast and we are happy to provide the students with the experience of important tools that will be needed in their future work place.
- Demian Horst, Programme Director Transportation Design