Donation to Umeå Institute of Design

Umeå Insitute of Design is a world-leading school educating talented designers and preparing them for their future careers in industrial design.

Oryx has donated VR equipment to the school and helping them with harnessing and using the new technology in their education. Umeå is a region of many innovative and inspiring schools and businesses and to further strengthen the regions position internationally we need to help each other out as much as we can.

On this side the plan is to connect the graphics card to a virtual reality headset we have recently acquired. Such equipment will be fully available to the students and we imagine to see all kinds of use, from the basic evaluation of human factors (ergonomics), form and aesthetics when working with 3D digital models to a more experimental approach combining fully immersive environments. With a VR setup we believe students will get new possibilities to make informed decisions during the creative process. They can effectively simulate the context of use of their design solutions and that is a significant advantage in the process. VR technology is developing fast and we are happy to provide the students with the experience of important tools that will be needed in their future work place.
- Demian Horst, Programme Director Transportation Design