Komatsu Forest AB acquires Oryx Simulations AB


The 10th April 2018 Komatsu Forest AB acquired Oryx Simulations AB.

Komatsu Forest and Oryx Simulations have a long relationship together. Over the years, Komatsu Forest has been both partner and customer to the company.   

In connection with the acquisition the founder and co-owner Derny Häggström will leave the company, but he will continue to support the company primarily in marketing and sales. In addition the acquisition will not result in changes of Oryx Simulations activity. The company will continue as today; as an independent company with our own staff and our own activities.

The acquisition will not affect our business relationship other than in a positive direction. It is something that both parties have taken great care to formalize.

For Oryx Simulations this means that we, with a strong owner, can further focus on our growth and development so that we can continue to offer simulator solutions at the forefront of leading machine manufacturers.

Rami Morssy

CEO Oryx Simulations AB