Branded Chassis

The plastic chassis was carefully designed to follow the latest heavy machine design trends. The chassis are manufactured in a vaccum molder which makes the production both fast and at low cost. Our customers branding profile can easily be acquired and applied to the chassis color and decal set.


The Oryx I/O is a capable electronic board with 54 digital pins and 16 analog inputs. The device is installed in almost every simulator system and its soul purpose is to help us integrate our customers real machine controls.


Motion Platform

The motion platform is available for all compact simulators and creates that final immersive touch. The operators learn what is feels like when the transmission shifts gear and at what inclincation the boom should be moved to counter-weight the risk of turning the machine over. The motion platform requires single-phase power 115-230 VAC 50/60 Hz for operations.

komatsu_k500_4kFinal Color Output0004.png


The compact units are designed to fit on a standard EU pallet (1200x800mm) excluding additional screens and equipment. This makes the simulator system great for mounting in a container, truck or moving in and out of office buildings.


The standard system is equipped with single 1080p LED display mounted horizontally or vertically depending on application. Optional display mount can be used to support up to 3 additional displays.