Full Cabin

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Real Cabin

In our full cabin systems, which can be tailored to suit any application, the user sits in an original cabin identical to that of the real machine. All of the parts are genuine: levers, buttons, control system and more. Inside the cabin, the user can do everything that is possible in a real machine.

Authentic Controls

Our engineers are experts in integrating the entire cabin, everything from A/C fan control to the CANbus system. There is no difference in cabin functions in our simulators compared to the real machine. The full cabin systems creates a high knowledge value in operator training.

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Motion Platform

The cabin can be mounted on a motion platform for full immersive haptic feedback. The Oryx MPF XL is suited for heavy cabins and offers 2.5D motion feedback. The system requries 3-phase power 230-480 VAC 50/60 Hz. We can also offer 3rd party motion platforms such as Moog and Rexroth.


The cabin windows are replaced with large 1080p LED displays made to create a wide viewing window into the simulation. The user has the same view as in the real machine.