Oryx Simulations

By working side by side with our partners and their engineers and product specialists, we are able to create the best, most realistic and valuable simulation of a complete machine system. Our goal is always to enhance the value of the real machine. This can be done by demonstrating the functionality, by providing training for operators or to support the product design process of the real machine. No matter how the the simulation or the simulator will be used, our mission is always: Increase Performance


Our simulation and visualization solutions can be applied to a wide spectrum of areas. With Industry 4.0 comes great responsiblity. We can provide your business with the simulations you need to better handle the challenges with automation, competence and sales.


Virtual Prototyping

Reduce cost and lead time by applying virtual prototyping in the development process. It enables human in the loop studies in early stages of product development. Control system integration and verification can be started before any real hardware has been produced.


With the help of our advanced simulators, your operators will learn to handle your machines in a more productive, environmentally-friendly and safe manner. We consider it a must that training environments are both as realistic as possible and enjoyable to use. Documented results prove increased productivity and a fast return of investment when using simulators in operator training.

Sales Tool & Marketing

Simulators will help you market new product features by letting customers experience it hands-on or attract visitors to your exhibition booth by placing a simulator in the spotlight. 


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Full Cabin

The complete simulator experience featuring high performance motion systems, full hardware and control system integration as well as complete immersion via custom made visualisation systems. Comes with an extensive set of instructor and post mission evaluation tools.

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Tailored to the specific product needs our compact simulators combines the benefits of an authentic full cabin experience with the flexibilty of easy transport and quick setup. Specifically designed to include whatever controls and onboard computers needed to assure the highest realism and training outcome is provided. Multiple visualisation options (including head mounted displays) and high performance motion feedback system. Editing and instructor tools come as options depending on customer needs.



Portable simulator systems adapted to capture the essence of a full simulator system in a portable format. Depending on application needs it can be equipped with control system components, original controls or generic, look alike components. Visualisation systems can range from an integrated screen to top of the line projectors or VR-goggles.