Komatsu Forest Simulator 2017

New Hardware

The next generation of simulator hardware shaped from customer feedback during the years.

komatsu_k500_4kFinal Color Output0000.png

New Design

The new form is thoughtfully designed to mimic the shape of the real machines. It uses standardized components for improved service and maintenance. 

Motion Platform

The simulator hardware can optionally be equipped with a 2.5DOF motion platform running on 115-230VAC power.

komatsu_k500_4kFinal Color Output0005_rescaled.png

Head Tracking

The simulator hardware can optionally be equipped with a head tracking device. The device registers the users head movements and changes the perspective and view visible on the simulator display. This enables users to look around objects blocking their view.

Multidisplay Setup

The simulator hardware can optionally be equipped with a multidisplay setup creating a wide view into the virtual world. Each display renders a picture in 1080p resolution at 60Hz.


Virtual Reality

To further increase the immersiveness and operator experience the simulator can be equipped with Oculus Rift VR headset. The technology enables 360 degrees operator view and realistic depth perception. This kind of simulation fidelity will improve the operator training and increase training results.

New Software

The new software is built by developers with extensive experience in Komatsu Forest machines.


New Machine Models

New machine models are based on original CAD drawings of the Harvester 931 and Forwarder 855.


New Harvester Heads

The latest harvester heads C93 and S92 have been implemented. S92 is equipped with multistemming functionality.


Forest Editor

Create custom forest and training scenarios using the Forest Editor. 



Connect two local simulator system via ethernet and perform team training using a Harvester and a Forwarder in the same virtual environment.