Simulator Support

Support request

If you hold a valid Simulator Support Agreement, we recommend you to contact our support department through the Support Request Form below.

Simulator Serial Number is required for all simulator support requests (see example below).

Support request shall always be made through the contact form or e-mail to Our support team will then contact you through phone, mail or by connecting directly to the simulator. In contact with our support team, please specify your availability and if, or when, the simulator can be connected to Internet.

Personal technical support via phone, email and web is available during Swedish business hours (Monday-Friday 08:00 – 17:00). Additional Closed Days 2019-05-31, 2019-06-07 and 2019-12-23.

If you don't have a valid a support agreement for your simulator or if you are unsure about the status of your agreement, please contact Oryx for more information.

Support request for simulators without valid support agreement will be redirected to our sales team for support agreement renewal


Examples of signs for Simulator Serial Number (Product ID)

Support Request Form

Name *
Please enter in international format.
Number is printed on a silver sign, normally in the form P1234-5 or 3456-10. Se examples above
Please add detailed description of your problem
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Warranty Policy

Our Simulators normally come with 12-month limited warranty (unless stated in other agreement). For full details regarding Oryx warranty Policy, please contact

For simulator hardware, Oryx follow the Orgalime standard.

For full detail of Orgalime S2000 documents.

Orgalime S2000 (English)

Orgalime S2000 (German)

Orgalime S2000 (Spanish)