Oryx Simulations is an experienced, comprehensive partner in your long-term training of heavy-machine operators for cargo, forestry, mining and construction equipment. Our training programmes are based on world-class simulators. Oryx Simulations uses these when customising in-service training courses to suit your needs and creates comprehensive solutions that include e-learning, classroom training, syllabuses and screening as well as guidance and tools for instructors.

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Operator Training

Training simulators are used train new operators how to use the machines or experienced operators to increase their skill level. The real-time physics in our simulations sets the stage for having high fidelity machine behaviour which is crucial in simulator based operator training. Our models are based on OEM authentic 3D CAD drawings.

Machine Knowledge

Learn the purpose and functions of the machine. All authentic operator controls and control system enables the user to acquire deeper knowledge about the machine and increase productivity, increase safety awareness and reduce machine downtime.

Working Methods

Knowing the working methods are as important as knowing the machine itself. Learn how to use the machine in different operations and tasks with a set of training scenarios carefully designed in collaboration with our OEM partners.

Real-Life Environments

Sometimes there is a need for a wider training scope including navigation and planning, traffic situations or collaborative tasks all associated with a real work site. Our simulations can include your work site with your operations and prepare your operators for their everyday work.

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Operator Performance SysteM (OPS)

Our Simulator Management System, OPS, is an advanced tool that lets your instructors track operators' progress inside the simulator in detail, making the entire training process more efficient. Instructors can easily create their own training program. A continual stream of detailed statistics and information about their progress is provided.

The tool also allows operators to train on their own, without needing to have a supervisor present all the time. Thanks to our OPS, training programs can be customized to suit the individual, the machine and future work tasks.

The system can also be used for screening, that is, to help instructors to see whether a trainee is well suited to a career as a machine operator or not.