Virtual Prototyping

Our virtual prototyping solutions are helping our customers to understand, implement and manufacture machines aligned with Industry 4.0 design principles.


Concept Machine

By involving simulation early in the development process it is possible to evaluate concepts and purpose built machines on all levels before any hardware is built. Study machine motion and productivity, avoid costly design dead-ends and use the simulation for motivating investments.

Control SysteM

Developing and validating control system functionality is a tedious and expensive task. Instead of having maybe one machine available for development and testing the developers can have access to one virtual machine each. The real-time physics in our simulation and our sensor simulation layer is accurate and fast enough to handle control systems with high baudrate requirements. The sensor simulation layer is set of signal processing and generator functions written in Javascript easily replacable with your own signal processing code. Our simulation framework has built-in support for a wide range of I/O protocols enabling hardware-in-the-loop development and testing.


Human Machine Interface

A virtual mockup is more dynamic, more immersive and less expensive than a real mockup. Studies with a higher accurate result can be achieved. Human-in-the-loop modeling is easy, fast and less expensive with our simulations. By simulating not only the virtual mockup but also the behaviour of the machine and the environment the system can mimic real-life situations and widen the scope of the studies.